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As a photographer, I depend on vision, creativity, skill, and marketing to survive! The camera is only a tool.  A gifted photographer is able to capture quality images with modest equipment. I will let my  photographs do the talking...

As a child, I loved the outdoors.  My dad was the "number cruncher" and my mom was the "artist". I started with a business degree and I ended up with a heart for photographic expression. Many successful battles with a serious disease has taught me patience, perseverance, and gratitude!

In 2009, I sold my insurance business and entered a brave new world of art. There is no thrill better than "using light to paint images".  However, owning a new DSLR camera does not turn someone into a photographer! After investing two years and endless hours, I completed a Photography Techniques Certificate at Algonquin College.

In 2012, I opened a studio-gallery in Ottawa.  From a business location, the controlled lighting of a studio improves the quality of portrait and commercial photography. When I am not involved with outdoor Art Shows (such as Ottawa's New Art Festival, or Strathcona's Art in the Park,  or Merrickville's Antique & Craft show) my fine art is displayed, and sold from my permanent gallery.

The ultimate challenge for any photographer is the human form. As a wedding photographer I create a visual story to encompass the many elements of this unique event (joy, beauty, friendship, passion, laughter).  I  look for these moments, and I anticipate these moments in order to capture them for posterity.  

During my portraiture sessions, I make an effort to understand my subject and make them as comfortable as possible.  As a result of this exercise and my attention to detail, I am able to get excellent results.

Why choose me?  I offer to you my certified training, my knowledge, my experience, my intuition and my respect. As a professional, I am prepared for the unexpected. My equipment (including backups) is professional quality.  My goal is to give to you more than what was expected.    

At the end of the day, it is your peace and contentment that is my ultimate reward!

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